Welcome to the Forgotten Valley, where Pokémon live in peace. (Not really; there's always the fear of being raided by the Wolves.)Edit

Go away if you think this is about children who are obsessed with vegetables. The Forgotten Valley is a land filled with Pokémon, both known and unknown by Game Freak. Many fandmade Pokémon live here, such as the hoped-for Minusle and the thunderous Denkichu. It is also a land of Pokémon, with streams filled with Magikarp and bordered by Mudkip. In the Valley, Pokémon live like humans, with buildings and government.( and poop )


If you think your a pokemon from the forgotten valley , there's a page for that. If you KNOW as in i told you what you are and/or you know Lottieocelot2/ocelotlover in real life put it on that page.if your already registered and your an explorer like me or others and truly BELEIVE in FV then you can post the pokemon you find once i get the templates. oh, and Jadiel Galloza is forbidden from this wiki.--Lottieocelot2 13:11, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

have a nice day you wonderful creature

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